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Starts 10am tomorrow morning LIVE!
Workshops at 10, 11 and 12 o'clock
#coder #dojomor2020 #developer #programming #Software #Robots

Save the date - in 1 Month Take 1 Week 2020 will run again - Nov 23rd - 27th. Teach 1 lesson about 1 SDG to 1 class over 1 Week..(or longer if you like!!) The countdown begins #ETB_SDGS @nycinews @Education_Ire @Dept_ECC @WorldWise_Irl @SDGoals @GetupGoals @devedireland

🎅 Déan do chuairt Zoom ar Dhaidí na Nollag a chur in áirithe!

@ForasnaGaeilge @AFPatrunachta @gaeilge24 @DeptAHG @gaeilge_vibes @Cula4_TG4 @TuistT @tuismitheoiri @Barrscealta1 @RTERnaG @MOLSCEAL

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